SGC P60 2ft Gaffer Kit (Prism 60)

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PRISM series LED fluorescent lamps

Prism60 and Prism120 are the keys to success when implementing any lighting setup. With their high output and extremely low profile, these LED bulbs offer a whole new set of possibilities for lighting designers and technicians.

All models include a 2700 K6000K variable white light color temperature range and RGB LEDs for access to the entire color gamut. Easy-to-use onboard control interface, wired and wireless DMX512 control. Constant current drive enables stable dimming range from 0% to 100% with 10-30V DC input. The removable battery pack can be operated wirelessly and can be easily replaced to power you all day long.

    • Power: 20W
    • Brightness: 2300 lumen (at 6000K)
    • Brightness dimmable in 1% steps
    • Full RGB color space (HSI > 36,000 colors)
    • Warm and cold light: 2700K-6500K (dimmable in 100K steps)
    • CCT range 2700K ~ 6000K, HSI> 36000 color DMX512 address can be set independently, and manually set color temperature and strength, and can be set multiple DMX address combinations for multiple connections
    • Color purity: CRI > 95
    • power supply: replaceable battery & power adapter
    • controllable via Bluetooth app
    • flicker-free up to min. 2000fps
    • versatile pre-programmed effects

1 x Protective Case with Wheels and Retractable Handle
4 x PRISM 60 4ft LED Tube
4 x DMX Jumper Cables (30cm)
4 x Battery Pack
4 x Power Adapter with Power Cable
4 x Heavy Duty Mini Tripod
4 x T12 tube Mounting holder
4 x T12 Mounting Plate for Q-blocks
8 x T12 Q-block
8 x Hex Screw Set
4 x Receiver for Light Stand & C-Stand
4 x Instruction Manual




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