GVM 50RS RGB Video Light CRI97+ APP Control 3200K-5600K LED Panel


GVM 50RS RGB Video Light CRI97+ APP Control 3200K-5600K LED Panel

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GVM 50RS RGB video lighting kit provides different light colors option to meet different scene needs. Such as Broadcast Studio and Interview Lighting, Stage Lighting and Video Lighting, Events and Photography Lighting.

With U-shaped bracket supporting 360 ° rotation.Easy to adjust the angle of light shooting, Humanize design allows you to work efficiently.

GVM LED video lighting panel illuminates a variable white balance from tungsten-daylight 3200-5600K color temperature, satisfy all lighting needs for your photography.

Equipped with high quality carry case protection case,convenient to carry lights kit around with you wherever you go.

High CRI97+ RGB Lamp Beads

50RS RGB video lights equipped with 256 SMD lamp beads of warm and cold color. And 128 pieces of red, green and blue RGB lamps creates an adjustable color light for different types of shots. The power of 50RS video light is 50W, Brighter than other similar products.

Excellent cooling

The outer shell of 50RS RGB video lights panel adopts pleated design, and aerospace grade aluminum alloy, increased heat dissipation area, effective protection LED lamp bulbs and extends long life. Equipped with soft diffuser,make your photography light more even and soft.

Built-in LCD Digital Display

RGB studio lights designed with built in LCD digital display for accurate brightness and temperature adjustable, more efficient operation for your photography shoot lighting. Color temperature dimmable from 3200K to 5600K, and the brightness from 0% to 100%

Dual Power Supply System

LED photography light panel designed with AC power adapter for indoor video recording, Its also supported by F750 / F970 sony batteries, (battery sold separately). convenience for your outdoor photograhy video lighting.

Built-in Scene Mode 

In Scene Mode, short press or rotate the left knob to enter into various scenes.

It supports 8 kinds of special lighting scenes to enrich your shooting environment, including TV, Candle, Cop Car, Lightning, Paparazzi, Disco, Party, Bad bulb.

Full-Color Mode (RGB)

In HSI Mode, short press the left knob to adjust “Hue”and “Saturation”: “Hue” adjust the light-emitting color value (0-360); “Saturation” represents adjusting color temperature (0-100); and rotate the right knob to adjust brightness (0-100%)

CCT Mode (Bi-Color)

Short press “Mode/Channel” button to get into CCT Mode, Color Temperature from 3200K to 5600K and stepless brightness adjustment from 0-100% are available to be controlled.

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The GVM-50RS is an ideal choice for location work, interviews and small sets where color accuracy, control, and flicker-free output are of major importance. It has 128 LED White Beads and 128 RGB Beads and 128 LED Warm Beads.

The GVM-50RS has two output modes:

The first mode is the color temperature from 3200k-5600k or anywhere in between means that you can quickly match the prevailing ambient or artificial light balance with a simple twist of a knob.

The second mode allows you to change the RED, green and blue color output and color saturation from 0-100%. dimming is equally convenient via another knob that adjusts the light intensity from 100-0% with the negligible color shift.

The GVM-50RS has an exceptional color rendering Index of 95+ and lights consistently. Meanwhile, the dual power system, LCD digital display, multiple control modes, and 360 Degree rotation U bracket improve your light setup and stabilization system.

Main Features: ultra heat dissipation delicate design with aviation aluminum alloy housing high color Rendering Index, CRI95+ LCD digital display PWM Dimming technology brightness adjustment color temperature adjustment red, green and blue RGB modes multi-light control modes dual power system convenient light set-up and stabilization system


1.Your Multi-Functional LED video panel light provides memory function and a single light can control multiple lights.

2.Led video panel lighting Bi-color range from 3200k-5600k will satisfy all lighting needs for your photography.

3.Both brightness and color temperature are accurately shown in digital display on the aluminum panel of the LED light.

4.The durable and anti-fall handbag can be Used to protect the LED video light. It can withstand 30kg of pressure.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 37 × 11 cm
Light fixture

LED beads: 128 white beads 128 RGB beads 128 warm beads
LED angle: 120°
CRI: ≥95+
TLCI: ≥95+
Color temperature: 3200~5600K
Power: 50W


Voltage: DC15V
Input voltage: 110-220V
Battery output: DC 14.8V
Power source: A power adapter or Sony F550/F750 /F970 Li-ion battery (note: The battery is not included)


Size: 12.72* 13.43* 3.15 inches


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1 * GVM-50RS LED Video Light
1 * Soft filter
1 * A-frame diffuser
1 * Barndoor
1 * Power adapter
1 * Power cable
1 * LED video light package

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