(DEMO)Deity Microphones S-Mic 2 Location Kit Moisture-Resistant Shotgun Microphone with Pistol Grip Shockmount and Windjammer

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Deity S-Mic 2Deity S-Mic 2Deity S-Mic 2Deity S-Mic 2Deity S-Mic 2Deity S-Mic 2Deity S-Mic 2Deity S-Mic 2Deity S-Mic 2Deity S-Mic 2

The Deity S-Mic 2 is a professional shotgun microphone offering superior sound performance, quality circuitry and great craftsmanship making for a reliable tool for audio recording.

The Deity S-Mic 2 features a super cardioid pickup pattern which minimizes surrounding ambient sounds but still offers low off-axis coloration. The S-Mic 2 also is very forgiving when trying to point it at an actor or actress because of its super cardioid pickup, making it a great microphone for new boom operators. The microphone’s ultra low self- noise lets you capture natural-sounding speech and dialog without any distractions..

Designed to hold up to the brutality of run-and-gun-style shoots, the Deity S-Mic 2’s body is machined from 100% solid brass and features a epoxy sealed gold-coated PCB board and a moisture-resistant capsule. All Deity S-Mic 2s come with a waterproof, shockproof hard case to keep your microphone safe during storage or travel. Also included with ever purchase is a mic clip and a foam windscreen.

The Location Kit also comes with a RycoteTM pistol grip shock mount which provides isolation against handling and cable noise. The kit also features the Deity Microphones faux fur wind jammer that can be added over the foam windscreen and offers an additional layer of protection against wind noise.


• Ultra Low Off-Axis Coloration

• Low Inherent Self-Noise

• Water Resistant and Humidity Proof • RF-Interference Proof

• 24V or 48V phantom powering

• Super Cardioid Pickup Pattern

1 x Deity S-Mic 2
1 x Foam WindscreenMic Stand Clip w/ Threaded 3/8” Female Mount
1 x Waterproof Hardcase w/ Custom Cut Foam Insert
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x RycoteTM Pistol Grip Shockmount w/ Threaded 3/8” Female Mount
1 x Deity Faux Fur Wind Jammer

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