LCM215-HDR+ 21.5inch 1500nits High Brightness Field Monitor Kit (V-mount)

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Model: LCM215-HDR+
Display: 21.5inch, 1920*1080
Brightness: 1500nits
Video Input: 2-SDI, 1-HDMI, 1-CVBS
Video Output: 1-SDI
Power: AC IN, DC IN, Battery

New Upgrade 1500nits Ultra-bright Panel

LCM215-HDR+ is the new upgrade version of LCM215-HDR monitor with a new upgrade panel, this panel not only has the ultra brightness of 1500 nits, but also has a well performed backlight uniformity. The super 1500nits screen is almost 3-4 times the brightness of other field monitors. This brightness will allow you to shoot outdoors in direct sunlight without any washing-out of the image on the screen, you may not even need a sunhood while using it.

OSEE LCM215-HDR+ Feature 1

Various Connector Types

LCM215-HDR+ monitor has 2Ch 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs, 1Ch VIDEO input, one HDMI input and 1Ch 3G/HD/SD-SDI output, with these connectors, it supports most of the audio and video formats. The supported signal formats are detailed in the specification section at the end of this page.

OSEE LCM215-HDR+ Feature 2

Various Application Scenarios

LCM215-HDR+ monitor's compatibility makes it suitable for all kinds of applications scenarios, you can put it on a table or use a C-stand adapter to hang it on the rod, it's also compatible with wireless accessories to sending out signals and images to video village.

OSEE LCM215-HDR+ Feature 3

Software Features

Built-in SDR/HDR 3DLUTs

LCM215-HDR+ provides 30 SDR 3DLUTs to convert log mode to REC 709 for most of the major camera brands, including FUJIFILM, GoPro, JVC, Panasonic, RED and Sony. What's more, LCM215-HDR+ also provides 14 HDR 3DLUTs to further convert log mode to REC 2020 for ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, RED and Sony, it will enhance color brightness and clarity and allows users to check how an HDR image will look like at the shooting location.

User 3DLUTs USB Upload

LCM215-HDR+ allows our user to load their self-making 3D-LUT files by USB flash memory. Once you synchronize LUTs in the monitor, you can easily change them on production. Up to 16 customized LUTs can be stored in the system.

Exposure Tools

  • Super False Color

Osee LCM215-HDR+ supports more powerful False Color function to help you get an accurate exposure for your specific camera easily. The exposure indications are calculated for different cameras, there are 17 different log curves including Spectrum/SONY Slog3/SONY Slog2/ARRI LogC/Canon Clog2/Canon Clog3/Panasonic Vlog/RED RedLogFilm/RED RL3G10/BMD/BMD 4K/ARRI Rec709/SONY LC709A/SONY LC709/Panasonic V709/RED G3 and RED G4 for you to choose.

  • Zebra

The Zebra function is used to display images on the screen with a zebra pattern to adjust the camera exposure parameter. It will compare the signal luminance with the zebra level and fill the relevant image area, in which luminance is higher than the zebra level with a zebra pattern. LCM215-HDR+'s zebra level can be adjusted from 0 to 100.

Focus Tools

  • Focus Assist

The Focus Assist function is used to display images on the screen with intensified edge to help camera focus operation. LCM215-HDR+'s Focus Assist hascolor mode and mono mode. In color mode, you can choose blue/green/red to color the intensified edge. In mono mode, the image is in black and white, that is removing all colors and only leaving the luminance data of the signal.

  • Peak

Peak is also a focusing aid that places a highlight on in-focus edges within an image using an edge detect filter. Its sensitive level can be adjusted from 0-16.

Scope Tools

  • Waveform

The Waveform is used to evaluate the brightness of your image, regardless of the color, LCM215-HDR+'s waveform has LUMA, RGB and Parade modes, and its size and location on screen can be adjusted.

  • Vectorscope

The Vectorscope can show you how strong a particular color is by the length of the line out from the middle of the wheel. The longer the line, the stronger (or more saturated) the color. It's also a great tool for checking skin tone. The chart position can be changed among 8 locations.

  • Histogram

Histogram assists in judging the distribution of luminance in the image, LCM215-HDR+'s Histogram has LUMA and RGB modes, you can choose different locations on the screen to place the chart.

Marker Tools

LCM215-HDR+'s Marker Tool has very rich functions, including Center Marker for enabling easier checking the center portion's focus, Aspect Marker for displaying 2 lines to identify an area with a specified ratio, Area Marker for displaying a rectangle to identify the safety area with a specified percentage andCrossHatch for displaying multiple vertical and horizontal lines to help when the user check the composition of a picture. What's more, there're assist tools likeMarker Fit, Mat Level and Marker Mat to help adjust the outlook of the markers.

Audio Tools

Up to 16 Channels of SDI embedded or 2 channels of HDMI audio levels can be displayed with a choice of options including level reference settings and gain.

Time Code

Time Code is displayed as the format of “HH:MM:SS:FF” at the bottom center of the screen, and if there is no available time code, it will not appear.

IMD Display

Once you set everything in the IMD Display menu and turn on IMD Display, the IMD character in the black bar will display on the bottom of the screen.

Blue Only

LCM215-HDR+ has 4 modes for Blue Only function, red, green blue and mono, once you choose a mode, the screen will only display that color channel. Combine this function and the Internal Signal, the user can do a simple color calibration on the monitor.

Quick User Interface

The screen menu items are controlled by 6 buttons at the bottom of the screen, and there're 4 more buttons for Function and User Preset. By assigning different tools to different users and buttons, you can pull the tools and switch them on set very quickly.

Fast Menu

The user can always adjust the value of volume, brightness, contrast, saturation, backlight and sharpness quickly in the fast menu.

 * Pelican 1600 Case available for separate purchase, take advantage of the custom form insert included in this kit.


Display: 21.5inch, 1920X1080
Brightness: 1500nits
Video Input: 2-SDI, 1-HDMI, 1-CVBS
Video Output:
Battery Plate: V Mount


1 x OSEE LCM215-HDR+ Monitor

1 x Sunhood

1 x V-mount Battery Plate

1 x Light Stand Adapter

1 x Custom Foam Mold for Pelican 1600 Case

1 x Desktop Stand Feet

1 x Power Cable

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