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RGBWW VS RGBACL Aputure 600C VS Prolycht Orion 675 FSProlycht Orion 675 FSProlycht Orion 675 FSProlycht Orion 675 FSProlycht Orion 675 FSProlycht Orion 675 FSProlycht Orion 675 FS

The new Orion 675 FS LED full spectrum spotlight, the most powerful fully color-tunable spotlight in the world. The Orion 675 FS utilizes the industry-leading 6-color LED Hyperlight engine (red/green/blue/amber/cyan/lime) to create a wide color gamut with excellent fidelity and accurate, pleasing skin tone reproduction. The extended color temperature range is from 1,600K-20,000K with precision control of all color channels throughout. The versatile full spectrum color abilities of the Orion 675 FS set it apart from all other products, making it the first true replacement for a host of antiquated fixtures users are eager to improve upon. The Orion 675 FS is The New Standard.

Some simple comparisons illustrate just how bright the Orion 675 FS is. Set to 5600K, the Orion 675 FS is significantly brighter than a 1200w HMI. At 3200K, the Orion 675 FS is equal in output to a classic 5000w tungsten fresnel. Compared to LED fixtures, the Orion 675 FS is brighter than a 600 daylight-only light and is three times brighter than any other manufacturer’s RGBACL spotlight.

The Orion 675 FS is designed with the needs of high-end production in mind while including the flexibility of field production fixtures. The single-body construction (no additional ballast) is a compact and efficient design that can be setup quickly whether on a stand or hanging from a grid. At 22 pounds, it weighs less than less powerful lights and some lampheads with separate ballasts. A high IPX4 rating means that the Orion 675 FS can be used outdoors in inclement weather. 

Multiple useful tools are built into the Orion 675 FS. Five color modes allow control of the Orion 675 FS spectrum. In CCT mode the Orion 675 FS can be adjusted the huge range from 1,600K to 20,000K color temperature with green/magenta offset throughout. X/Y mode allows precision repeatable color throughout the CIE1931 spectrum. HSI mode lets one dial in hue, saturation and intensity, GEL mode offers more than 330 Lee and Rosco gel equivalents applied to either 3200K or 5600K bases. And SINGLE COLOR mode provides direct control of the six individual color channels in the Hyperlight Color Engine. Additionally, the SOURCE mode includes presets to replicate the output of more than 40 types of light sources, and the EFFECTS mode features a variety of multicolor effects, each with adjustable parameters for colors and timing. Along with the hundreds of preloaded settings, users can load their own presets into the Orion 675 FS.

The Orion 675 FS RGBACL multi-color COB utilizes an all-new internal geometrical structure, creating a front surface just 40mm across. This design creates sharp shadows with a wide even beam spread and allows the use of a variety of Bowens mount accessories. The Orion 675 FS includes two reflector dishes (30 degree & 55 degree). In addition to the many Bowens mount modifiers available, for the Orion 675 FS Prolycht will offer a 10” 15-50 degree adjustable fresnel lens with barndoors, a 60” Soft Dome, and a 35” Soft Lantern. Additional lensed modifiers are also planned.

Control of the Orion 675 FS is available on the fixture itself, through DMX, CRMX LumenRadio, ethernet, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth Mesh. Prolycht offers the free ChromaLink App for IOS or Android phones and tablets, and the Orion 675 FS can interface with popular light control software and hardware. The Orion 675 FS can be powered from AC power or 48v battery, with AC pass-through power for ease of use. An angled yoke allows greater tilt range when light modifiers such as soft boxes are attached and is reversible for better stand balance if heavy lens accessories are used. The yoke is quick-release mounted for easier storage and includes 1⁄4”x20 threaded sockets for mounting future accessories.

Orion 675FS Spec
Orion 675FS Spec

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