SmallHD Battery Plate for Smart 7-Series Monitors (Gold Mount)


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Power your Indie 7, Cine 7, or 702 Touch monitor using Gold mount batteries with the SmallHD Battery Plate for Smart 7-Series Monitors. The battery plate mounts easily to your monitor with four included mounting screws, and it is quickly interchangeable with a V-mount, or dual L-series battery plate, as well as a blank cover that protects your monitor's electronics.

The plate is overload protected and compatible with Indie 7 and Cine 7 monitors, including wireless models, as well as the 702 Touch. The battery plate attaches electrically using pogo pins on a PCB when it is attached to your monitor, so there are no connections to make when attaching the plate. The plate features a built in D-Tap port for powering accessories.

  • The plate features pogo pins on the back, which make contact with the electronics of your monitor when the plate is mounted, so you don't have to worry about power connectors coming loose.
  • The plate includes one D-tap accessory port.
  • The plate incorporates a 10 amp, 250 volt fuse for overload protection. Please not the fuse protects both the monitor and the accessory port.

* This is just the battery plate. No battery is included!

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