SmallRig Adjustable Extension Arm with Two ARRI Rosettes #1870

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SmallRig Extension Arm with Arri Rosette #1870 is used for handle extension. The extension arm is adjusted via NATO rail, with the extension range of 168-260mm. The screw can prevent accidental removal. Arri rosette could attach the rosette handle, such as SmallRig wooden handle 1941 and Arri Rosette Handle 1810. Arri rosette could attach Sony FS5 Camcorder Baseplate 1827 and other rosette devices as well. In addition, the Arri rosette could be a female and a male head.


    • 6.6 to 10.2" Adjustable Extension Arm

    • 2 x ARRI-Standard Rosettes

    • 2 x Male M6 Thumbscrews

    • Thumb-Lever Fastener

    • Use to Extend Separate Handgrip

    • Aluminum Alloy

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