SmallRig Light Control Panel for RC 350 / RC 450 COB LED light 3980

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SmallRig Control Panel for RC 350 / RC 450 COB LED Video Light is SmallRig’s latest lighting control gadget and an alternative way of controlling RC 350 / RC 450 lights, except via the light switch and APP. It features a 2" LCD screen, which shows real-time parameters and status, and thus helps you adjust brightness, color temperature, built-in special effects, and special effect frequency, and reset Bluetooth. A 3-meter anti-off cable ensures safe, reliable, and efficient lighting control when the light switch and APP control are unsatisfactory. Also, the control panel comes with a super clamp with magic arm to be secured to the light stand for easier operation. SmallRig Control Panel for RC 350 / RC 450 COB LED Video Lights definitely meets content creators’ demand for simple, practical and efficient lighting control on-site or in the studio.

Key Features:

  1. Control panel is separated from the light for more reliability when, for example, the COB light is 3 to 4 meters above, or it cannot be controlled via the switch or APP.
  2. 2" LCD screen showing lighting parameters allows adjusting brightness, color temperature, built-in special effects, and special effect frequency in real-time.
  3. 3-meter cable connects the COB light via a mini Cannon connector with a lock catch to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operation.
  4. Super clamp with magic arm helps secure the control panel anywhere you like.


In the Box:
1 x Control Panel
1 x Magic Arm
1 x User Manual
Product Weight: 188g
Product Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 3 cm
Package Weight: 492g
Package Dimensions: 17.5 x 15.5 x 8 cm
Material(s): PC

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