Tilta Float System Bottom Counterweight Bracket #GSS-T01-BCB

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Enjoy more camera choice and flexibility with the Tilta Float System Bottom Counterweight Bracket for the Tilta Float stabilizing system. This easy-to-use counterweight accessory expands the capabilities of your Float system to enable using small cameras and camcorders that are powered by DV-style batteries.

The bracket mounts on the bottom of your stabilizer, in place of the V-mount or Gold mount battery plater, and it includes six 7.7 oz weights that let you fine-tune your stabilizer's balance when using small cameras or camcorders that power with internal batteries.


- Helps Fine-Tune Balance of Float System

- For Smaller Cameras with Float System

- Bracket Quickly Attaches to Float System

- 1/4"-20 Threaded Mounting Points


- Tilta Float System Bottom Counterweight Bracket

- 6 x Counterweight (7.7 oz)

- Allen Wrench

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