DZOFilm Catta Coin Plug-in Filter for Catta Zoom (Artistic Set)


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Add filters to protect the rear element of your Catta Zoom lenses with this Catta Coin Plug-in Filter set from DZOFilm. This artistic set of filters includes blue, golden, rainbow streak, and starburst filters. They are compatible with Catta Zoom lenses with E/RF/L/X/Z mounts.

These detachable filters mount onto the rear element of the zoom lens and provide protection from dust, moisture, and scratching thanks to its double-sided nano coating. The filters provide various effects to work in creative production environments, such as anamorphic streaks using the blue, golden and rainbow streak filters, and a star filter to create stars from the highlights.

DZOFilm Catta Zoom lenses with E/RF/L/X/Z mounts


  • Offers a creative way to simulate the anamorphic streak effect with Catta Zoom
  • Blue / Golden / Rainbow streak from light sources create a visually dramatic look to draw attention
  • High-quality glass star filter allows users to create stars from specular highlights, which increases the dramatic sense of point light source and makes stunning light effects

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