Nanlux F-35 Fresnel Attachment for Evoke 1200 LED Light

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Designed to fit the Evoke series, the Fresnel Lens with NL mount allows smooth focusing of the light's beam spread from a narrow 11° to a 45° medium flood. Four-way, 6-leaf barn doors are included to further control the beam.

  • The FL-35 is NL mount which is compatible with the Evoke1200
  • 8 leaf design barndoors, wide beam spread to a focusable spot (11°) to flood (45°) coverage, provide more convenient to control the light spill and the beam
  • The threaded focus on the lens can be operated with one hand to adjust angle
  • Explosion-proof mesh in front of the lens, can prevent burns and safety
  • Comes with U-yoke plate, you could better balance the light and the lens when put it on the  ground. The U-yoke plate is quick release design and with hanging ring, makes it easy to install and operate
  • Adopt high quality lens to maximize lighting output, the light brightness with FL-35 spot 11° is about 3.5 times higher than the light with standard reflector

Dimensions: φ1200mm/φ13.77”

Lens Angle: 10° - 45°

Package Weight: 35.92lb

Box Dimensions: 25.2 x 19.1 x 19"

Lens Weight: 9.05kg/19.95 lb


1 x Nanlux F-35 Fresnel Attachment for Evoke 1200 LED Light

1 x 8 Leaf drop in barn doors

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