RockNRoller Multi-Pocket Tool/Accessory Bag (fits R8, R10, R12)

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RockNRoller AccessoryRockNRoller Multi-Pocket Bag for R12 RSA-TAB8RockNRoller Multi-Pocket Bag for R12 RSA-TAB8 2RockNRoller Multi-Pocket Bag for R12 RSA-TAB8 3Rock N Roller Multi-pocket Tool/Accessory Bags lets you stow on the go. Constructed from durable 600D polyester, these removable bags slide right over the Multi-Cart handles for easy installation and removal. The existing mounting holes on Rock N Roller Multi-Cart handles still remain accessible, allowing various other accessories to be used as well. Five zippered pockets provide plenty of organization, and the two attached D-rings offer additional attachment points.


UPC: 672485351474

    • Fits R8, R10, or R12 Multi-Cart

    • Durable 600D polyester

    • Five zippered pockets

    • Two fixed D-rings

    • Slides onto Rock N Roller Multi-Cart handles

  • Ready to use, no installation required

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