SmallRig Extended Lens Support for DJI RS 2 #2850

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Key Features:

1. Work with SmallRig RS 2 Quick Release Plate 3031.
2. Protect lens mount from damage.
3. Adjustable vertically within 30mm.
4. Tighten the screw by hand, secure and fast.
5. Lens can be fixed by strap through strap slots.

SmallRig Extended Lens Support for DJI RS 2 #2850 is designed to support lenses that sit higher than the standard lens support can reach, like when the lens is mounted on a large camera body or a camera with battery grip. It is longer than the normal lens support and specially designed to work with Quick Release Plate 3031 to offer more height-adjustability. The support is vertically adjustable within 30mm, its screws can be tightened by hands. Together with quick release plate 3031, it can slide forward and backward within 30mm to adapt to the lens of different lengths. Each side of the Y-shape mount features a slot for the lens strap to prevent shaking.

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