Aputure INFINIBAR Multi-Light Shaping Connector Kit

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Combine connectors and build custom lighting fixture shapes with the INFINIBAR Multi-Light Shaping Kit from Aputure, which features nine different connectors for joining the PB3, PB6, and PB12 light panels in production-tailored designs. The connectors also feature DC power passthrough, allowing connected INFINIBARs to share the same power supply. The all-metal fixture-building hardware comes in a hard case along with the requisite 1/4-20" eye-bolts and a 5mm hex wrench.

  • INFINIBAR Multi-Light Shaping Kit Hard Case *1

  • INFINIBAR 3-Way Flat Connector *1

  • INFINIBAR 4-Way Flat Connector *1

  • INFINIBAR 6-Way Flat Connector *1

  • INFINIBAR Triangle Flat Connector *3

  • INFINIBAR Triangle 3D Connector *3

  • INFINIBAR Square Flat Connector *4

  • INFINIBAR Square 3D Connector *4

  • INFINIBAR Hexagon Flat Connector *6

  • INFINIBAR Hexagon 3D Connector *6

  • 1⁄4-20in Eye Bolt *12

  • 5mm Hex Wrench *1


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