Aputure Light Dome III

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The Light Dome III is the flagship softbox for Aputure’s Bowens Mount lights, featuring the same 3ft (90cm) circular shape with a brand new quick-folding, flat-pack design. Designed for film and video professionals, the Light Dome III produces large and stunningly soft light while saving valuable time on set and space in your kit with its new quicker setup and slim profile.

Start shooting sooner with the all-new quick-folding design. Building the Light Dome III is now faster than ever, saving valuable time on set. Being among the fastest circular softboxes to set up and break down on the market, the Light Dome III can snap into its full compact circular shape in seconds so you can start shooting sooner.

More room for lights with its flat-pack design. Unlike traditional quick softboxes, the Light Dome III’s quick-setup speed ring folds into a slim, flat profile. Its flat-pack design requires less setup time and frees up more space for other filmmaking tools, making it more portable and travel-ready.

Simplify your toolkit with one softbox for all your Bowens lights. Like other Aputure softboxes, the Light Dome III features the universal Bowens Mount and is the perfect pairing for an array of point-source fixtures, ranging from the Aputure Light Storm series to the amaran 150c & 300c lights.

  • Upgraded Quick-Setup Bowens Mount Circular Softbox
  • All-New Quick-Release Design For Fast Setup & Tear Down
  • Hexadecanol Bowens Mount Softbox With 16 Steel Support Rods
  • Dual-Sided Quick-Release Latches on Speed Ring Allows Users to Bring All Rods to Tension in Seconds
  • Packs Flat and Compactly with Quick-Release Latches Folded In the Downward Position
  • Diffuse and Soften Hard Point Source Lighting Fixtures
  • Circular 16-Sided Diffusion Surface Area
  • Included 2 Front Diffusion Cloths (1.5 and 2.5 Stop) 
  • Included 40º Fabric Light Control Grid
  • Deep Parabolic Design for Uniform Light Output Distribution
  • Highly Reflective Silver Inner Lining for Optimized Light Output
  • Universal Bowens Accessory Mount
  • Included Carrying Bag

- 3ft (90cm) foldable quick-setup circular Bowens Mount softbox
- Quick-folding design saves time during setup
- Foldable speed ring packs flat to save space
- 32-sided circular design for perfect, round eyelights
- Universal Bowens Accessory mount: Compatible with Aputure Light Storm series, amaran 150c & 300c
- Create flattering soft light with 2 front diffusion cloth options (1 Stop & 2 Stop)
- Create contrast with the included 40° light control grid
- Heavy-duty construction: steel rods for increased durability and longevity


1x Light Dome III
1x 1 Stop Diffusion Cloth
1x 2 Stop Diffusion Cloth
1x 40° Fabric Light Control Grid
1x Carrying Bag

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