Swappable Battery Grip for Amaran Tube T2C and T4C

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The Battery Station for amaran Tube is a 77Wh removable, rechargeable battery grip for the amaran T2c and amaran T4c LED tube lights,* perfect for all levels of content creators, filmmakers, and photographers.

Designed to power your light anywhere without worrying about additional cables or outlets, the Battery Station allows users to quickly swap batteries on set and maintain the longevity and lightweight design of their light fixtures, if batteries ever need to be replaced.

When used with the amaran T2c, the Battery Station has a runtime of approximately 4 hours at max output, and approximately 1.7 hours at max output when used with the amaran T4c, making it the perfect companion for all your shooting needs.

* Amaran T2C & Amaran T4C sold seperately


77Wh Swappable Battery Grip

Pass-through Charging with AC Adapter

• Compatible with the Amaran T2c & Amaran T4c

Approx. 4 Hours Run Time @ Max Output with amaran T2c

Approx. 100 min. Run Time @ Max Output with amaran T4c

Approx. 3 Hours Charging Time with amaran T2c AC Adapter

Approx. 2 Hours Charging Time with amaran T4c AC Adapter


Amaran tube battery grip specification


Battery Station for amaran Tube x 1


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