DZOFILM Pavo 2x Anamorphic Prime 180mm Neutral Coating (PL & EF mount, feet)


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Anamorphic Marvels in Macrovision
The Pavo 65mm macro lens features an impressive close focus distance of only 0.366m and a 1:2 magnification ratio, allowing you to capture the exquisite details of the macro world from a natural viewpoint. The close-up capacity, reminiscent of spherical lenses, combined with the 2X anamorphic effect, produces remarkably dramatic close-up shots, opening up new creative possibilities and artistic expression for filmmakers.
All-inclusive Coverage for Cinematic Depth
The Pavo series now includes two more telephoto lenses at 135mm and 180mm, offering more creative freedom and efficient filming on set. Longer focal lengths lead to a shallower depth of field, compressing environmental space and isolating characters against a creamy background. This intensifies the tension and emotional effect of the images, creating a more immersive visual experience.
Modern Ergonomics, Aesthetic Visuals
The entire Pavo lineup features a 16-blade aperture (28mm with 14 blades), effortlessly delivering the classic oval-shaped bokeh of anamorphic imagery. Advanced optical design ensures precise control over chromatic aberration and distortion, guaranteeing sharp and clear resolution from center to corner with vibrant and natural color rendition. The soft elliptical bokeh, along with smooth background blur, adds an artistic touch to the visuals, enhancing their cinematic appeal.
Unparalleled Compact Anamorphic
While providing comprehensive coverage of practical focal lengths, the Pavo series remains lightweight and compact, with weights ranging from 1.2 to 2 kg. These lenses are compatible with gimbals, steadicams and drones, allowing for a wide range of shooting settings, from handheld to aerial, catering to both indie filmmakers and large-scale productions.
Characteristic flares for a pure look
The Pavo series presents subtle, attractive, and evenly layered streak flares under strong lighting conditions, delivering a clean and crisp image while maintaining the distinctive anamorphic visual style.

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