DZOFilm Tango 18-90mm T2.9 S35 Zoom Lens


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ARRI PL & Canon EF Mounts

  • This 18-90mm zoom comes mounted in ARRI PL and includes a Canon EF mount, enabling you to use it with a variety of cine-style cameras.

Alluring Bokeh

  • This Tango S35 Zoom's 16-blade aperture series produces smooth and alluring bokeh, drawing viewers into your storytelling.
  • The T2.9 maximum aperture is consistent across the 18-90mm zoom range.

Optimal Color Rendition

  • Exceptional color rendition enables this Tango S35 zoom to bring lifelike skin tones to the screen, making it perfect for fashion projects, documentary, and sports.
  • The entire Tango S35 lineup maintains a high level of color consistency,
  • Use the 18-90mm zoom for capturing mesmerizing close-ups with delicate facial details.

Minimal Aberration

  • The Tango S35 zoom series features advanced an optical design that effectively corrects chromatic aberrations, resulting in optimal image quality and color reproduction.
  • Outstanding distortion control and imperceptible breathing effects ensure an immersive visual experience.

Optional Movcam Servo

  • The Tango S35 zoom series offers the ultimate combination of cinema-grade optics and ENG-style functionality. Combine the 18-90mm zoom with a separately available Movcam servo drive for seamless integration with ENG cameras, enabling remote control of focus, iris, and zoom settings.
  • Targeted at experienced cinematographers, these zooms unlock professional-grade performance for broadcasting, large-scale events, and a variety of shooting scenarios.

Luminous Marks in Feet

  • All focus, zoom, and aperture ring marks are coated with luminous paint to accommodate the demands of low-light shooting.
  • The luminous marks enhance clarity, enabling focus pullers and camera operators to easily discern lens marks, improving on-set efficiency.
  • Focus is marked in feet on both sides of the lens.
  • Super35 Format | Maximum T2.9 Aperture
  • Cine-Grade Optics | ENG Functionality
  • Swappable PL & Canon EF Mounts Included
  • 16-Blade Iris for Alluring Bokeh
  • Works with Optional MOVCAM Servo Unit
  • Focus, Iris, and Zoom Lens Gears
  • Luminous Focus Marks in Feet
  • Dual-Sided Focus Marks

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