Rayzr 7 MC200 Multi Color RGB+WW, CW Soft LED Panel Light

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Meet the Rayzr MC (Multicolor) Series, advanced RGB, WW, CW LED Soft panels that give you the right light in any situation. Source Matching enables you to mimic any light source for consistent results making the MC series a perfect companion to the Rayzr 7 Fresnel’s but also any other light sources like tungsten lights, fluorescent or the sun.

Being fully color tunable, offering a wide color temperature range and white light with perfect color reproduction thanks to RGB, WW, CW LEDs, the MC series gives you full creative freedom.


Bring Consistency to Your Lighting

With Source Match you can make your lighting more consistent and save time in post fixing non-matching lights. Our powerful light engine, utilizing the strengths of RGB, WW, CW LEDs, enables you to match any light source. Enter the x/y coordinates you measured and the MC series will be an exact match bringing consistency to your lighting.

±Green / Magenta Adjustment

Adjust to a tint in other lights easily with ± Green / Magenta compensation.

Filter Library at Your Fingertips

The MC Panel Gel library consists of more than 300 widely used filters available to you at your fingertips. No light loss, no GELS you need to carry with you, all filters digitally built-in.

Lighting Effects

The MC series comes with a wide range of built-in adjustable lighting effects such as Party, Candle, Club, Cop Car, Fire, Fireworks, Light strobe, Lightning and Television.

High-Speed Mode

Shoot at any frame rate and shutter angle without flicker. The base frequency of the MC series can be adjusted to provide flawless high-speed performance at any setting.

Perfect Color Reproduction

Using the RGB, WW, CW LEDs for color but also to improve white light, the MC series offers excellent color rendition throughout its entire adjustment range.

Truly Soft

A fixed diffuser and a wide beam angle result in a uniform beam field and a truly soft light quality

Wide & Bright

Available in three sizes, the MC series ranges from ultra-compact to ultra-soft always providing exceptional brightness and at the same time a wide, uniform beam field.

Slim, Lightweight and Solid

At 10lbs. the MC 200 weighs significantly less than other 2×1 RGB lights and is also much slimmer, so that it can be used in tight spaces and with little support. With a rugged metal housing it is made for everyday use.

Battery Powered Mobility

Use the MC Series battery operated for hours on location. All models come with a battery plate and run with standard 14.4V V-Mount batteries. Gold Mount option coming soon.

Everything Built-In, Ready to Be Used

The MC series is designed to be practical and easy to use with everything either built into the compact head or mounted to it by quick release for quick setup.

Wireless Control & DMX

With WiFi and DMX built-in, the MC series is easy to control and integrates well into any environment.

Quick Release Accessory System

A simple to use quick release accessory system lets you mount light shaping tools in a fast and stable way. Barn doors with extra-long leafs are included with every panel.

Silent Operation

The metal housing of the MC Series is designed and optimized for passive cooling through efficient internal airflow as well as acting as a heatsink. The MC100, 120 and 200 are fan-less designs.

Dimming Curves

Four user-selectable dimming curves provide fine grained control in specific situations: linear being a 1:1 translation, exponential providing fine control in the low end whereas logarithmic provides fine control in the high end and the “s” curve is a combination of exponential and logarithmic.

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