RODE PodMic USB and XLR Dynamic Broadcast Microphone


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A Classic, Revisited

  • The PodMic USB delivers the same great sound quality and compact-yet-rugged form factor as the successful PodMic, but adds a sleek new finish, a studio-grade internal pop filter, and a new USB-C output.
  • Now you can connect to virtually any audio gear, from analog mixers, interfaces, and preamps, to digital recorders, computers, and mobile devices, letting you record from the comfort of your home studio or out and about with ease.
  • With the USB-C connection, you can also unlock a plethora of next-generation RODE features, including powerful DSP processing that will make your vocal recordings and streams shine.

Pro Sound When Creativity Calls

  • Featuring a high-power neodymium capsule, the PodMic USB delivers warm yet highly detailed audio with incredible clarity, making it exceptional in speech applications.
  • The mic features an internal pop filter along with a studio-quality external pop filter for minimizing plosives and making sure you capture crisp, clean audio every time.
  • The mic's internal shockmount helps reduce vibrations and eliminate low-end thuds and similar distracting handling noises.
  • Powerful on-board DSP (Digital Signal Processing) powered by APHEX makes it easy to capture professional sounding audio.
  • Use VoxLab to quickly dial in the perfect sound, or dive deep into the granular controls for the high-pass filter, noise gate, compressor, and the legendary Aural Exciter and Big Bottom.
  • Monitor your audio with zero latency thanks to the headphone output, complete with onboard level control for adjusting the volume of your audio.

Unlock More Creative Potential with the RØDE App Suite

  • RØDE Central is an easy-to-use companion app for your PodMic USB, giving you access to advanced processing, input gain, firmware updates, and more.
  • RØDE Connect is a simple and powerful software solution for podcasting with your PodMic USB, allowing you to connect and record up to four RØDE USB microphones at once.
  • UNIFY is the ultimate virtual mixing software for streaming with your PodMic USB, giving you complete flexibility over your audio routing and mixing in one intuitive interface.
  • RØDE Capture is an intuitive iOS video app with creative features like dual cam mode and in-app access to your RØDE microphone’s settings.

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