SGC External Quad-Bank 4 Battery Charging Station Set for Prism and Hybrid Tubes

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One of the most outstanding features of the SGC Prism and Hybrid series is the ability to remove the internal battery from the fixture. The new External Battery Charging Station makes it possible to charge multiple batteries at a time outside the tube. This is incredibly convenient and important, because it allows filmmakers to swap their batteries while on set. This means that when one battery runs out of power, it can be pulled out of the tube and put into this external charger with 3 other batteries, totaling four batteries charging at the same time.  A fully charged battery can then be put back into the tube, while the others are in the charging stand, which prevents expensive and painful delays.


Charge up to 4 battery packs


Please Note: Battery packs aren't included


- Quad SGC Battery Charger x1

- AC Adapter x1

- Power Cable x1

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