SmallRig 77mm MRC CPL Filter 3587

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SmallRig 77mm MRC CPL Filter 3587 is a double-sided multi-film polarizer designed to eliminate reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass, increase saturation while retaining vivid color of photographs or videos. Made from high clarity, high transmission B270 optical glass, the filter is precisely ground and polished for use with lenses of various focal length without compromising image sharpness. It is coated on both sides with 18 films to increase light transmission and reduce reflections. These coatings are mildewproof and water-resistant, toughened to prevent stain and easy to clean and care for, making for a part of everyone's gear bag. The filter tray, made from aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, is CNC machined, laser engraved and anodized for long-term use without wear and tear. The filter is compatible with lenses of 77mm in diameter.

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