Tilta 15mm Rod Adapter for Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel

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The Tilta 15mm Rod Adapter provides a way for you to clamp the Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel of your follow focus unit to a single 15mm rod to approximate the placement of a traditional follow focus unit. The adapter slides onto the 15mm rod and locks in place. The Nano Hand Wheel slides into the adapter's dovetail, and a lever secures it to the adapter.

The quick release design means that you can easily switch between a gimbal, focus station, or rod based setup with this adapter.

This adapter allows you to mount the Hand Wheel in a position that emulates the feeling of using a mechanical follow focus, while still having access to all the modern advancements associated with wireless follow focus systems.

This is a great solution for pulling your own focus while shooting handheld, with a shoulder rig, or while using a tripod.

Please note: there is a minimum distance needed between the Nucleus Nano Motor and Hand Wheel for the system to operate correctly.

For this reason, we recommend only mounting the Hand Wheel on the opposite rod relative to the Focus Motor.

  • Slide-On 15mm Rod Clamp
  • Dovetail Clamp for Nano Hand Wheel
  • Locking Lever Secures Hand Wheel

1 x Nucleus-Nano Hand Wheel 15mm Rod Adapter
1 x Tilta tightening toggle

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