Zoom F3 2-Input / 2-Track Portable Field Recorder

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From the real-time waveform display and one-touch controls to the flexible powering options and precision timecode functionality, the F3 is properly equipped to please novices and demanding veterans alike. Whether you need long-duration stereo recording for an interview, redundant capture of dual-mic setups for a video shoot, or failure-proof recording on location, the F3 has the modes, resolutions, and media support to handle your crucial audio tasks. Plus, its operational versatility ensures that the F3 will always enhance your workflow, be it simple, complex, or always changing. You can feel confident using it as your main recorder, a USB audio interface for your dedicated computer rig, or a backup unit for added safety.

Automatic Distortion-Free Audio

  • The F3 utilizes dual A/D converters and 32-bit float recording technology to capture intensely loud signals without clipping the converters and bring in extremely quiet sounds without overwhelming noise, all without requiring any gain adjustment from you. Record with confidence, knowing that you can just connect your microphones and start recording to attain crisp, clear audio.

Dual XLR Mic/Line Inputs

  • Two balanced mic/line inputs with locking XLR jacks and switchable +48V phantom power make the F3 an ideal match for professional microphones such as handheld dynamics and shotgun condensers as well as line-level feeds from a dedicated field mixer.

High-Quality Recording Settings

  • The F3 supports high-quality sample rates between 44.1 and 192 kHz, in mono or stereo uncompressed BWF (Broadcast Wave File) format. No data compression means that no quality is lost in the creation of the audio files.

Record Direct to microSD Cards

  • Maximize portability by recording directly to a microSDHC/microSDXC card (available separately) for up to 1TB of storage space.

Headphone and Line Outputs

  • While the line output enables straightforward routing to your camera, DSLR, or secondary recorder, a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with dedicated volume control offers convenient audio monitoring.

Power for Hours

  • To keep up with the pace of on-location production, the F3 can be powered via two AA alkaline, Lithium, or NiMH rechargeable batteries, a Zoom AD-17 power adapter (available separately), or a USB Type-C battery pack (available separately). With up to eight hours of run time on AA batteries, all-day shoots are no problem for the F3.

USB Audio and File Transfers

  • Since the F3 has a USB Type-C port, simply connect it to your computer via a USB cable (available separately) to transfer files to your computer or use the F3 as a 2x2 USB audio interface capable of 32-bit float / 96 kHz resolution.

Precision Timecode and Synchronization

  • Add the separately available Zoom BTA-1 Bluetooth adapter and UltraSync Blue (from Timecode Systems or Atomos) to take advantage of high-precision timecode that realizes accurate synchronization with video.

App-Based Remote Control

  • For convenient wireless remote control from an iOS/Android mobile device, connect a Zoom BTA-1 Bluetooth adapter (available separately), then use the free F3 Control app via Bluetooth.

Intuitive Controls and Built-In Display

  • Intuitive one-touch buttons—record, play, stop, and volume up/down—provide fast, hassle-free operations with no menus to wade through. The onboard screen shows real-time waveforms and clear indication of battery status, recording time, and more. Per-channel buttons let you quickly zoom in or out for a better view.

Hold Function Inhibits Accidental Interruptions

  • Flip the Record switch down to the Hold position to engage the Hold function, which prevents interruptions to the recording caused by accidental button presses.

Low Profile and Lightweight

  • With its minimalist profile, the lightweight F3 attaches to boompoles via hook-and-loop fastener (available separately) or slips into a pocket to be hidden from sight.
  • For Videographers & Sound Recordists
  • 2 Ultralow-Noise Mic Pres via XLR Jacks
  • No Gain Adjustment Needed
  • 32-Bit Float Recording Avoids Clipping
  • Headphone and Line Outputs
  • Hold Switch Averts Unintended Operation
  • USB Power / 8 Hours via AA Batteries
  • microSD Card Recording / USB Audio I/O
  • Waveform Display, Easy 1-Touch Controls
  • Boompole- and Pocket-Friendly Design
  • F3 Multitrack Field Recorder
  • 2x AA Batteries

F3 Multitrack Field Recorder

Input & Output Channels

Inputs 2 MIC/LINE (mono)
Outputs 1 Line Out
1 Phone Out

Inputs (Mic/Line) (mono)

Connectors 2 XLR (2: HOT)
Input Gain Adjustment unnecessary (dual AD
converter circuits used)
Input Impedance MIC: 3 kΩ or more
LINE: 3 kΩ or more
Max. Input Level MIC: +4 dBu
LINE: +24 dBu
Phantom Power +24/48 V
Combined channel total of 10 mA or less
Equivalent Input Noise −127 dBu or less (IHF-A) when waveform magnification is ×1024 with 150 Ω input

Output (Line Out)

Connector 1 stereo mini jack
Max. Output Level +1 dBu
Output Impedance 100 Ω or less

Output (Phone Out)

Connector 1 stereo mini jack
Max. Output Level 50 mW + 50 mW (into 32 Ω load)
Output Impedance 15 Ω or less


Max. Simultaneous Recording Tracks 2
Max. Simultaneous Playback Tracks 2
Recording Format WAV
44.1/48/ 88.2/96/192 kHz,
32-bit float mono/stereo
BWF and iXML formats supported
Recording Media 4 – 32 GB cards compatible with the
microSDHC specification
64 GB – 1 TB cards compatible with
the microSDXC specification
Display LCD with backlight (96×64 resolution)


Connector USB Type-C
• Use a USB cable that supports data
transfer. USB bus power is supported.
Audio Interface Operation USB2.0 High Speed
44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz, 24-bit
Mass Storage Operation USB 2.0 High Speed
Remote Dedicated wireless adapter (ZOOM BTA-1)
Power 2 AA batteries (alkaline, NiMH or
AC adapter (ZOOM AD-17): DC 5 V/1 A
• USB bus power is supported

Estimated continuous operation time using batteries

48 kHz/32-bit float,
2ch recording to microSDHC
(without headphones,
LCD Backlight off)
Alkaline batteries: about 8 hours
NiMH batteries (1900 mAh): about 8.5
Lithium batteries: about 18 hours
48 kHz/32-bit float,
2ch recording to microSDHC
(headphones into 32Ω load,
PHANTOM at 48 V (5 mA),
LCD Backlight off
Alkaline batteries: about 2 hours
NiMH batteries (1900 mAh): about 3
Lithium batteries: about 7.5 hours
Power Consumption 5 W Max.
Weight 242 g (8.5 oz)
Dimensions 7.5 x 7.7 x 4.7 cm (2.9 x 3.03 x 1.8")

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