Yet again, Aputure has released several accessories that will take your lighting game to a whole new level. The lighting supplier has been a staple supplier for novice and professional videographers, and with the new range of products, there is tons of excitement in the industry. Some of the products Aputure has released include the Aputure Accent B7c, Aputure 1200D, Aputure 600D / 600X, Amran 200X / 200D / 100X, 100D, Light Dome 150, and F10 Fresnel. Let’s have a brief overview of what Apure has in store.

Aputure 600D / 600X

The 600D is a powerful light with twice as much output as the popular Aputure 300D ii, clocking in at 20,000 lux. With sturdy construction and a curved handbrake, 360-degree rotation is not an issue. The light provides a CRT & TLCI of 96. The rating is good as it will balance off greening when the LED gets old with time.

Aputure 600D Pro

Aputure 1200D

The Light Storm 1200D Pro is Aputure’s newest release and the brightest light in the Light Storm series. It features a 1200 watt COB with three Bowens Mount Hyper Reflectors (15°, 30°, and 55°). The 1200D is aimed at the professional market as the narrow 15° reflector can produce up to 83 000 lux at a maximum distance of 3 meters.

Aputure P600C

The Aputure Nova family’s latest release is the Nova P600c which appeals to the creativity of professional videographers. The P600c has added four independently controllable zones, which we did not see in P300c. It also has a frequency selection to limit flicker which helps in reducing flickers, especially during live event production. It is more costly than the P300c but has a great value.

Aputure Accent B7C

The Aputure Accent B7c is an RGB light bulb with a 7 watts rating and 2,000K to 10,000K color temperature and reproduction. Plus, it is the only lightbulb to have an end-dimming technology with onboard buttons for CCT control and brightness. It's an easy way to customize your practical lighting on set.

Aputure Accessories

Aputure’s line of accessories is wide, but the most popular brands include the Light Dome 150 and the F10 Fresnel. The Light Dome 150 is a 150cm Softbox ideal for most Aputure’s mount-LEDs like LS 600D or LS 600X. It is ideal for cinematographers who wish to create a large soft light.

The F10 Fresnel attachment is suited for the LS 600D pro as it allows for turning of COB pint source fixture without spending too much. It is a little heavier than most accessories, but you won’t have any issues once attached.