You have your video script ready and have chosen the perfect location for your film, but are you forgetting something? Making videos and films is about good technique, but the right equipment will take your project over the top. 

So where do you find reliable equipment that can allow you full creative control over your project? Well, you don't have to give up an arm and a leg to buy cameras or light sources that may or may not be perfect for the job.  

Renting is a great alternative, and we complied a basic guide to help you get started. 

1. Aputure 600D Pro

With a weather-resistant construction, impeccable colour accuracy, and incredible output, the 600D pro was built with professionals in mind. The wide variety of lighting level controls and power options will blow your mind - you can't go wrong with this bad boy.

2. Aputure Nova P300c Kit with Hard Case

If you are a novice professional looking to grow your potential, then the Nova P300c is for you. With incredible output and RGB wireless capabilities, this product is a steal! The light is perfect for interviews and pretty much anything else you can think of. The Nova P300c case has a molded outer shell that protects from water and dust, as well as a retractable handle and wheels - you'll feel like you are going on a vacation.

3. Filmgear F18 1.2/1.8K HMI 

The F18 is more generally a 1.8K HMI light, and it is worth every cent. It has incredible features such as a 4-leaf rotatable barndoor and an inlet cable with a multi-pin connector. Adding in the high output and a UV protective lens, this product punches way above its price point.

4. Aputure 300X

The 300X has a unique design that supports a flexible bi-color range. The product has an enhanced output and a highly precise CCT control that allows you to fine-tune CCT in +/-50k increments. The light also has multiple control methods and built-in effects that make your job easier at every turn. 

5. Nanlite Pavotube

Cordless and small enough to carry from one location to the next, the Pavotube is a filmmaker’s best friend. The light prioritizes flexibility to give you full creative control over your lighting and saturation levels.

There are a ton of film equipment rental companies based in Vancouver, but not all of them come with a guarantee of quality and excellent service. Our video lighting rental equipment is always available for your use.

We have a fully-stocked inventory of the best film equipment, take your pick today and prepare for the adventure ahead.

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