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For most cinematographers, stabilization and fluidity is the most challenging part of their job. There are various brands of video equipment that claim to solve this problem. We are excited to announce that we now carry Sachtler products!


When we think about innovation and expertise in camera support systems, the first brand that comes to our mind is Sachtler. It is a one-stop solution for all types of tripod systems and fluid heads. You will actually feel the difference when you are behind the camera.

There are only two stores in Vancouver that deal in this brand, and we are proud to be one of them. We tried and tested its aktiv and Ace series of fluid drag video head options, which really impressed us.

aktiv6 and aktiv8

The aktiv6 and aktiv8 fluid heads integrate the revolutionary SpeedLevel and SpeedSwap technology that enables you to mount and level your camera in a snap. Gone are the days of the traditional head screw and tie-down knob that used to take forever to position your camera to get the perfect shot. The payload capacity of up to 26.5 pounds makes aktiv series one of the best video equipment in our collection.

Sachtler aktiv8

Shop Sachtler aktiv6 flowtech75 MS Tripod System
Shop Sachtler aktiv8 flowtech75 MS Tripod System

Ace XL and Ace M

Ace XL and Ace M have relatively low payload capacity than aktiv6 and aktiv8, but they still provide you with maximum stability and jerk-free movement with most types of cameras. These fluid heads go very well with HDSLR cameras that you can use for any occasion to capture broadcast-quality videos. We really liked Sachtler’s Ace M System Black Edition which is a great option for lighter-weight camera systems.

Sachtler ACE XL Tripod System with flowtech75

To get the best out of these video head options, we paired them with the award-winning flowtech75 tripods. We were able to capture even the extreme low-angle shots as close as to the ground without having to hold a breath. The rapid setup of flowtech75 legs gives you the ultimate versatility that you have been waiting for your whole life.

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Shop Sachtler ACE XL Tripod System with flowtech75

Sachtler is one of the few brands that assure both reliability and quality in their film equipment. No wonder, several popular YouTubers and cinematographers have fallen in love with its products. You may be the next one!