Lighting has always been a key component in filmmaking. But the challenge with lighting is powering them effectively. Most professional videographers use LED lights which feature high power requirements. It is not always possible to walk around carrying large, bulky batteries and generators to power your lights and other equipment. This is where EcoFlow Delta Max Power Station can help.

The EcoFlow DeltaMax is smaller compared to a Honda eu2000i and VOLTstack 2k

EcoFlow Delta Max Power Station

We know how hard it is to get an uninterrupted power supply when you are shooting outdoors, especially with your power-hungry LED lights. Without a reliable power backup, trying to film anything outdoors can be a nightmare.

The EcoFlow Delta Max Power Station is a high-capacity battery that allows you to upgrade your video lighting game for getting the best shots, no matter when and where. To test this product, we paired the battery with the Aputure 600D LED light.

To be honest, the battery performed extremely well, even beyond our expectations. It was able to power the unit for three long hours without any glitches.

We also tested the battery by using two units of the Aputure 600D being powered at the same time. Even in this case, the battery did not let us down. You can’t expect ordinary V mount batteries to perform at this level.

EcoFlow Delta Max Power Station is the only portable battery you will ever need for location lighting. You can plug it into any AC power outlet or harness the power of the sun to juice it up. Since it is entirely battery-powered, it does not make any noise on a film set. This is a critical advantage for powering your lighting needs.

The innovative design feature of the EcoFlow Delta Max Power Station makes it compact yet powerful compared to other similar products such as the Honda eu2000 generator and VOLTstack 2K. Both are popular choices on the market today. But with the EcoFlow Delta Max Power Station, you don’t have to worry about logistics, as it fits perfectly in the back of any regular car.

If you need a high-capacity battery to power your lighting needs, you should check out the EcoFlow Delta Max Power Station.

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